Measures for safe Gym use include:

1. Be ‘Gym Ready’ when you turn up as changing rooms will remain closed, toilets will be open

2. Only 3 people may use the gym at any one time

3. You must book online in order to be permitted into the gym (up to 7 days in advance)

4. Turn up and leave promptly on your hourly booking

5. You may not use the machine directly next to another member

6. You must maintain social distancing at all times

7. We have installed a Sanitiser station in the gym to be used for your hands in-between each piece of equipment

8. Please use these to wipe down equipment before and after your sets and keep your hands clean

9. The Gym will be sanitised and deep cleaned between 1pm and 2pm each day with a virocidal fog
(non toxic and extremely effective)