OPEN 7:30am to 21:30 – 7 Days a Week – No Booking Required

Situated in the heart of our modern bowls arena is The Dorset Fitness centre. This is a friendly gym with a great atmosphere that has been designed and built for golfers and local fitness enthusiasts alike. The Fitness centre is equipped with some of the most up to date fitness equipment around and offers a great environment for all fitness levels. The opening hours are extremely flexible spanning from 7:30 to 21:30 seven days a week, this means you can perform your fitness regime as and when you would like. For your entertainment we have a great Sony multi music station where you can listen to the Radio, your CD’s or iPod at your leisure. Along side that we also have our TV and sky box with various channels available.

To go with the gym we have full shower and changing room facilities both male and female which are also situated in the bowls arena. For that relaxing touch we also have our dry sauna to sooth those aching muscles after a hard work out or even after a tough round of golf. To cool off afterwards you can jump in the tropical shower for a refreshing blast!

The gym is an unmanned one meaning that the lights, machines and radio may be off when you get there, but that doesn’t mean that help isn’t on hand!

Our Gym manager Stephen Packer is always happy to help with any problems or queries and offers a number of services himself –

Personal Training – Whether your new to the gym or you need too add some motivation or variety to your workout, Steve can help you achieve your goals by designing a personal program to suit you.

Golf Physical Screening – Some times no matter how hard you try you may not be able to change your swing, why? Through Steve’s extensive training he can asses your flexibility and mobility which can relate to your golf swing and swing faults. Through this process he can then prescribe exercises and stretches to improve your body and change your swing.

FREE Gym Induction available, offing some great insights on how to use get the most out of the equipment.

All in all this is the best value Gym facility in Dorset, so come take a look and start your new fitness experience.

Membership Rates

from £13.50 per month!

Peak Membership – £21.00 per month

Off Peak Membership – £16.00 per month

Membership for over 60’s – £14.00 per month

(Year Contract Required)