The Coronavirus & GolfIsolate yourself on The Golf Course

The UK’s chief scientific adviser has responded to a health select committee question about playing golf during the coronavirus crisis by effectively saying it is an activity that is allowable.

Sir Patrick Vallance said: “It is OK – if you keep a distance.”

The question was put forward by Dean Russell MP. He asked: “Exercise is going to be key [especially for older people]. If someone wants to play golf, can they still do that if they’re not close together?”

Sir Patrick Vallance stated: “We’re not asking everyone to be completely isolated. The specific advice is to avoid close contact. A walk is OK if you keep a distance.”

Article above courtesy of http://www.thegolfbusiness.co.uk/
Picture courtesy of the BBC

Information for Members & Local Golfers

So far, there has been no reason for us not to continue to play Golf.  In fact, the Golf Course can only be a much safer haven during this situation, allowing a much-needed low risk outlet for exercise, socializing and positive distraction.

The Government have recommended that over 70’s self-isolate for some time – this is only a recommendation and not a ‘must.’  The Golf world are saying that the best place one can self-isolate is on the Golf Course.

It will be important to get out in the fresh air to help stay fit.  It has been proven that people who play Golf can live on average 5-10 years longer than others who play no sport.

Enhanced cleaning and staff procedures

The well-being of our members, guests and our staff is our absolute priority, and you can be assured that health and safety has our complete attention.

All of our employees are fully aware of the current requirements and are undertaking extreme levels of health and safety procedure to ensure that the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained, throughout every aspect of our resort.

These measures include but are not limited to – 

  • Frequent and thorough staff hand washing
  • Sanitiser stations throughout the complex
  • Regular door handle, door contact point, PDQ and surface cleaning
  • Outsourced professional linen services with high temperature washing
  • Extra deep cleaning of ALL services (changing rooms, gym, clubhouse, golf shop, reception)
  • Table distancing in the Clubhouse & Restaurant

Any member of staff returning from the affected areas abroad – or those who have family members or housemates recently returned from these regions – have automatically been asked to self-quarantine for fourteen days. Any staff showing any new symptoms of cold and flu like illnesses are self-isolating for a 7 day period. Staff will also be subject to daily temperature checks (TBC).